About us

Are you planning to expand and need to find a suitable (growth) location? Amazone Real Estate develops, builds and lets logistics real estate in central, strategic positions in the Netherlands. We specialise in sustainable, efficient commercial buildings that boost the business and work climate. Our architectural pearls complement the landscape and history and allow us to contribute to your logistical ambitions and to municipal area-development objectives.

The three strengths of Amazone Real Estate

1. The pooling of real estate and logistics experience

Amazone founder Lorenzo Bas was the owner-director of BAS Group, an innovative sustainable, logistics company, for 12 years. Co-founder Wijnand van der Velden has been a real estate developer since 2008. We have pooled our experience of the design, planning and organisation of logistics processes and real estate projects to develop logistics real estate together since 2021.

2. Close collaboration with local authorities

By working intensively with municipalities and actively sharing our thoughts and ideas about area development with them, we make it possible to realise the best result possible for company owners, local authorities and the surrounding area. New-builds reflect municipal objectives in terms of appearance, sustainability and employment opportunities. This ties in with the needs of end users too, which include space and a good location, infrastructure and employee availability. Working together is essential for the achievement of the objectives of everyone concerned.

3. RICS member: professionalism and integrity guaranteed

We run our company in line with the standards of the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), an international organisation of real estate professionals. RICS promotes and enforces professional qualifications and ethical conduct when members develop and manage land, real estate, construction projects and infrastructure. Our RICS membership guarantees our integrity and reliability. You can expect us to have an up-to-date knowledge of construction, markets and developments too.

Testimonial from a real-estate expert

Learn more about the founders

Lorenzo Bas


Experience: logistics entrepreneur since 2000

Educational background: Transport & Aviation Logistics

Specialisation: logistics services

Wijnand van der Velden


Experience: real estate developer since 2008

Educational background: Real Estate Management

Specialisation: real estate development

As reliable as a Volvo Amazon

Besides friendship and entrepreneurship, the founders have a third factor in common: the Volvo Amazon B1800, a classic rally car known for its strength and reliability. As the front-runner in safety, Volvo produced the Amazon, a car that was one of the first to be fitted with a three-point seat belt. Although production of the Amazon stopped in 1971, the used models still on the roads today are still very reliable. You can expect the same reliability from us, which is why we decided to name Amazone Real Estate after this very special Volvo.

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